I’m so very proud of my stalwart friend, Leeana. She’s currently in the final stretch of delivering her second book, Breathing Room (pre-order it from Powell’s Books here), and she asked if I would help her build a new website. As some of you may know, I’m not so much a “web designer”, but I know enough to get myself in trouble, and I can figure out just about anything if I put my mind to it (minus advanced math and rolling my R’s). Commence: web design career! We did a photo shoot early on in the process because she wanted the site to be very image driven, so below is a glimpse of our shoot, including family and head shot images. Obviously Leeana is gorgeous, so the photography part was pretty easy. With plans to add more bells and whistles over time, I’m pretty happy with the “final” product, which you can check out here.

katiegardnerphoto001 katiegardnerphoto002 katiegardnerphoto003 katiegardnerphoto004 katiegardnerphoto005 katiegardnerphoto006 katiegardnerphoto019 katiegardnerphoto008 katiegardnerphoto009 katiegardnerphoto010 katiegardnerphoto011 katiegardnerphoto012 katiegardnerphoto013 katiegardnerphoto014 katiegardnerphoto015 katiegardnerphoto016 katiegardnerphoto017 katiegardnerphoto018 leeanatankersleyweb

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