how much do you charge for photography?
Wedding packages start at $2200.
Portrait packages start at $275.
Please contact me regarding corporate shoots and headshot packages.

what goes into your fees?
I’m glad you asked! First, let me dispel the myth that photographers over-price their services in order that we can afford to sit around all week sipping expensive lattes and booking international vacations. A number of factors go into pricing a creative service like photography, and a huge percentage goes beyond the actual photo shoot. For example, a six hour wedding at a base cost of $3,000 does not mean a photographer is making $500 an hour. When you book a six hour wedding, you’re not only paying for six hours of shooting, you’re also paying for the cost of a second shooter, editing time and expenses, equipment, insurance, rentals, experience, hours of correspondence through emails, phone calls, and in-person meet ups, packaging and mailing costs, gas, travel time . . . you get it.

If other photographers are willing to charge way below market value for their services, chances are, they are either just getting a foot in the door and don’t have a lot of experience (which is great – we all start somewhere!), or they haven’t taken the time to sit down and figure out how much it actually costs to run a successful business, or they’re willing to cheapen their services by under-charging simply to get more clients through the door. A deep desire of mine is a quality (not quantity) experience with every individual I get the pleasure to have in front of my camera. Know that I have painstakingly taken days upon days to figure out a pricing structure that represents me well, and I’m always happy to talk to you about how we can make a specific photo shoot work for your needs!

i don’t live in san diego. will you travel?
Yes! I’d love to experience your corner of the world!

what equipment do you use?
My first film camera was a Canon, so I shoot Canon. No, I don’t hate Nikon, but my Canon 5D Mark ii and Mark iii cameras allow me to shoot both pro-quality photos and video, so I won’t be switching any time soon. I also utilize the Canon L series lenses, and for extra fun, a number of random film cameras.

do you have experience shooting corporate photography?
Indeed. Some recent corporate clients include University of California San Diego, United Way, RADY Children’s Hospital, Green Flash Brewery, The Mingei Museum, Infantino, Stone Brewery, Cal Western School of Law, Potentia Therapy Center, Rancho La Puerta, and Music Therapy Center of California.

how do i book you for a shoot?
You can reach me at my contact page!

i saw a link for erase poverty. what does that mean?
I am a small business member of the organization, Erase Poverty, whose mission is to erase extreme poverty for good by strengthening and funding small business locally and globally. Since high school I’ve had a strong desire to be involved with different non-profits and their participation in making the world a better place. You can see why and how my business (and my clients) specifically support Erase Poverty here.

what is your turnaround time for images?
Depending on the shoot and time of year, usually 2-6 weeks.

can you hand over the RAW files?
Sorry, I do not include RAW images in any of my packages, nor do I discount shoots by only handing over the unedited images. Seeing your images for the first time in a non-finished state would be like asking you to throw yourself a surprise party on your birthday. Bummer.

what do you use to edit your photos and videos?
Lighroom + VSCO Film, Photoshop, and Premiere.

what kind of food do you cook?
I like making all the foods and I like making simple food look fancy. Pizza? Throw some fig and arugula on there. Sandwich? Add fresh herbs. Mixed drink? Shake in some orange blossom water you bought cheap at the Middle Eastern market. And goat cheese . . . don’t even get me started.

what is your favorite of all the butters?
I like a number of the butters: almond, pumpkin, regular salted, but one of my new faves is Trader Joes fig butter + cream cheese + toast. Yum.

what kind of magazines do you read?
My favorites include Time, Aperture, The New Yorker, Dwell, Wired, and The Atlantic.

don’t you just love those vampire kids on twilight?

what blogs do you follow?
I have too many blogs in my RSS feed, but some of my current favorites include Holiday MatineeISO50, The Cool HunterVintage RetroArt of the TitleHuffington PostApartment Therapy . . .

what do you think about politics?
I watch Jon Stewart.

what do you think about God?
I read the Bible.

what’s on your wishlist?
You can see a lot of my first world desires here.

where else can i stalk you online?


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